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Following the release of their otherworldly single ‘Tell Me’ in September, Giora begins a new year with the beautiful and stirring ‘Chrch’, released in February 2023. The song is the second to be taken from their upcoming debut album and has achieved significant airplay on US radio station Jamsphere and over 2000 streams on Spotify so far.


‘Chrch’ shows another side to Giora’s intricate artistry. The electronics of ‘Tell Me’ are still present, but in a much more stripped-back fashion, making room for a simple yet highly emotive piano and Giora’s moving, mystifying vocals that yearn for a future that breaks from the past. 


Drawing on their classical background, Giora is a singer-songwriter and self-taught producer, blending pop, experimental textures and organic sounds to create dreamy and timeless journeys into their world. 


Written after their father passed away, ‘Chrch’ is a hymn to the past. “I had just moved back home to London from New York and shortly after, my dad died. I had this feeling of emptiness, so much had changed so quickly but I hadn’t felt the impact of those changes. And I was quick to pretend like I was ok with leaving so much behind. Not that the time was wasted; the love was not lost.” Giora takes from this experience the themes of creation, of congregation and truth. The religious symbolism coming from a trans non-binary perspective is not lost on Giora for whom a temple is something we can create anywhere; the body, the home, the dancefloor. “Time and space, future and past, lose their material importance in the realm of true love and true creation. Since then, I have worked to find comfort within myself and embody these concepts.”


It was after Giora’s father died that their journey faltered. They had started to follow a path into music more seriously, and worked on an album but following their father’s death, never really revealed it to the world. “This threw me off for a long time. I didn’t take the time I needed to heal. I ended up in office jobs for a few years, but I was not satisfied.” It was only when an ex-partner encouraged Giora to produce their own music that they started experimenting and threw themselves into production. “I regained the confidence to say ‘I can do this’, and the sense of identifying with the non-linearity of time really started.”


The debut album is the carefully constructed result of this process, following up on their EP 'Safe in the Dark' released in 2020. The collection is an idiosyncratic journey, its dark and dystopian nuances at once both futuristic and nostalgic, echoing Giora’s unique relationship with time. 


This year, Giora transforms their unique studio sound for a live setting, without compromising the ethereal and rarefied atmosphere of their electronic production. 

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“Giora’s innovative vision is quickly proving them to be an exciting new artist in the experimental scene. Configuring a sound that mixes and blends distorted soundscapes with intricate beats, delicate synths and autotune, throughout their work the artist continues to evolve the electronic scene as we know it.” - Notion 

“Drawing on the influences and contorting them into a twisted ode to the genre, the singer-songwriter allows their avant-garde edge to shine bright as we are served up a sonically compelling cut, accompanied by a poignant message on the intricate relationship we all share with time.” - Wonderland

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