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Introducing Giora, a London-born singer, songwriter, and producer whose music blurs the boundaries of pop, their soft hard approach allowing them to fluidly transition between acoustic and club sounds. Influenced by classical masters of arrangement and infused with tribal beats, hyperpop sounds and uplifting melodies, Giora takes listeners on a journey into a world uniquely their own.


Writing, producing and mixing their own music, they released their debut album 'It's So Quiet But I Hear You' on their own label, Holypop, in November 2023.  

With a foundation in classical piano, Giora honed their skills to become a live performer emerging from the experimental and queer music scenes in London and Athens. As a self-taught producer, Giora takes full control of their craft, mastering the art of recording and sharing their music under their own name.

Giora has been directing and producing the album's visuals, disrupting existing narratives around femininity by embodying characters from religious and ancient mythologies that have shaped our current reality. Giora's performance also demonstrates a style rooted in endurance and existing as part of nature rather than separate from it. 


For Giora, creating pop music is a transcendental experience—a profound connection to something greater that goes beyond any existing system of belief. It's an encounter with the boundless energy that permeates the universe, evoking a sense of the sacred. Through their innovative blend of electronic, pop, and classical influences, Giora invites listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey, where timeless melodies intertwine with cutting-edge sounds, resulting in a musical tapestry that is both ethereal and epic.

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“Giora’s innovative vision is quickly proving them to be an exciting new artist in the experimental scene. Configuring a sound that mixes and blends distorted soundscapes with intricate beats, delicate synths and autotune, throughout their work the artist continues to evolve the electronic scene as we know it.” - Notion 

“Drawing on the influences and contorting them into a twisted ode to the genre, the singer-songwriter allows their avant-garde edge to shine bright as we are served up a sonically compelling cut, accompanied by a poignant message on the intricate relationship we all share with time.” - Wonderland

Giora has returned with their brand new single ‘Enter Eden’, released via Holypop.

Written two years ago, the track is momentous pulser from the DIY-artist. From start to finish, Giora seamlessly navigates between classical elements and club-tinged futurism, piecing together a magnetic production that ebbs and flows. Lyrically, the autonomous force truly strikes, asserting their strength across a soaring hook – “My body, it’s for me, can’t touch me…”

Serving as an introduction to Giora’s latest album ‘It’s So Quiet But I Hear You’, the track makes a new chapter, one of new beginnings. Made up of 10 distinct tracks, the project’s creative process gave the artist space to steer their own sound, able to write, produce and mix their material in its entirety.

Since making their entrance with 2020’s debut EP ‘Safe In The Dark’, the artist has developed an ethereal, alternative universe. With a background in piano, Giora places the instrument at the heart of everything that they do, contrasting different styles and textures against pure, fluttering keys. - Clash Magazine

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